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Vidharbha Classic - 2014, it was a nice competition and my comeback after injury in bodybuilding, it felt great to give those poses again on stage. All other competitors have improved their physique in past year and most of them are from Nagpur, it’s great to see bodybuilding sport growing in Nagpur, but all the resources that’s needed to be a bodybuilder are getting a lot ... Read More

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gym flash games

Bodybuilding flash games and gym games

We have searched the whole internet to find out the BEST, FREE, FULL VERSION GAMES for you.This list have gym games, bodybuilding flash games. It took a lot of time to filter them for being related to this website. Enjoy them here as you can play them without paying a penny.

Note : All games are 3rd party games, we are not controlling them, some times you may see an advertise which comes from their server. If you find a bug in game please contact us with bug, so that we can provide you a better working game server.

 Fitness with Flirt

Name : Fitness with Flirt
Story : Jennifer Rose works at the Gym and she runs Fitness classes. Help Jenny to serve incoming customers. Make them healthy and happy. Upgrade your gym after each level and don't forget to flirt with the boyfriend.
Screen Shot : Fitness with Flirt

play Fitness with Flirt game

 Push-up Tricks

Name : Push-up Tricks
Story : Push up, jump and clap - the crowd will surely be amazed by your brilliant act! Your goal in this game is to perform as many times of push-ups as you can. Showcase your superior strength and perform brilliant push-up tricks now!
Screen Shot : Push-up Tricks

play Push-up Tricks game

 Manage My Gym

Name : Manage My Gym
Story : Do you think you can manage a gym perfectly? Let's find out with this game. Try to manage gym, manage client's workouts, make them happy and make money. This game have 4 levels, let's see how many of them you can cross.
Screen Shot : Manage My Gym

play Manage My Gym game

 Dare to do Pull-ups

Name : Dare to do Pull-ups
Story : You might have done pullups in gym, now try e-pullups with this flash game. Let's see how many e-pullups you can do.
Screen Shot : Dare to do Pull-ups

play Dare to do Pull-ups game

 Kill the stickman in GYM

Name : Kill the stickman in GYM
Story : The stickmen won't be so healthy after you kill them all in the fitness center! The local ClickDeath Gymnasium is a dangerous place to workout!
Screen Shot : Kill the stickman in GYM

play Kill the stickman in GYM game

 Weight Lifting Record Breaking

Name : Weight Lifting Record Breaking
Story : This game is based on doha Asian games. You have to make a world record for weight lifting .
Screen Shot : Weight Lifting Record Breaking

play Weight Lifting Record Breaking game

 Fat Cooker

Name : Fat Cooker
Story : At Fat cooker has a great problem, he can’t lose weight. You Need to monitor carefully the balance of his weight in the game and help him to loose it.
Screen Shot : Fat Cooker

play Fat Cooker game

 Weight Loss - With Diet Magic

Name : Weight Loss - With Diet Magic
Story : A girl decided to lose weight from now on! She is really very fat. Pls help her arrange three meals for her one day. The kcal should be between 300 and 400 in each meal.
Screen Shot : Weight Loss - With Diet Magic

play Weight Loss - With Diet Magic game

 Learn Muscle Anatomy

Name : Learn Muscle Anatomy
Story : Learn muscle anatomy by the help of a time bounded test. It contains 3 difficulty levels. Test your knowledge level right here.
Screen Shot : Learn Muscle Anatomy

play Learn Muscle Anatomy game

 Fight In Gym

Name : Fight In Gym
Story : You were working out all day and some moron called you a looser… beat him with your weights. Smash his floor and be the best. Use arrows to move left and right. Press spacebar to set angle and shoot the weight into the opponent’s part of the screen.
Screen Shot : Fight In Gym

play Fight In Gym game

 World Strongest Man

Name : World Strongest Man
Story : Worlds Strongest Man - (Full Version). Compete through 6 events against the computer in an attempt to become the webs strongest man. Events require speed, reaction and rhythm.
Screen Shot : World Strongest Man

play World Strongest Man game

 Dare To Do Bench Press

Name : Dare To Do Bench Press
Story : How much ya bench? Hammer the keyboard with both hands till your arms fall off or the keyboard breaks in this ultimate test of strength. Balance of the bar, wise expenditure of energy, and precise timing for use of elasticity are additional game play factors. The retro gaming connoisseur will perhaps acknowledge this as the mix of two classic videogame genres exemplified by Konami's Track and Field and Atari's Lunar Lander.
Screen Shot : Dare To Do Bench Press

play Dare To Do Bench Press game

 Amazing Gym Workout

Name : Amazing Gym Workout
Story : A thin guy who is rejected from whole world, now came to join gym, you have to train him so that he can become muscular,smart and confident.
Screen Shot : Amazing Gym Workout

play Amazing Gym Workout game

 Naughty Gym Workout

Name : Naughty Gym Workout
Story : Naughty gym work is all about the gym coach helping the clients, let's see whether he is able to impress female clients and especially which female client.
Screen Shot : Naughty Gym Workout

play Naughty Gym Workout game

 Girls Workouts

Name : Girls Workouts
Story : A thin guy who is rejected from whole world, now came to join gym, you have to train him so that he can become muscular,smart and confident.
Screen Shot : Girls Workouts

play Girls Workouts game

 Kissss Meeee In Gym

Name : Kissss Meeee In Gym
Story : This is a KISSING game, joe and joans are in gym doing workout. They love each other. They want to kiss each other but no one should know about it. How much they kiss, that much you will score.
Screen Shot : Kissss Meeee In Gym

play Kissss Meeee In Gym game

 Get Ready For Gym

Name : Get Ready For Gym
Story : A girl need your help to get ready for gym. Would you like to help her. Choose the right dress for her.
Screen Shot : Get Ready For Gym

play Get Ready For Gym game
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